Father’s Day Breakfast

Yields1 Serving
Prep Time20 minsCook Time20 minsTotal Time40 mins

Comments from the Stone Ridge Chef

Not much in the way of ingredients or directions is needed here. Virtually everyone knows how to make toast, eggs and home fries. All that's left is to grill the steak and create an attractive presentation on the plate.

I like to use a Flat Iron Steak for this recipe, but any steak will do. If you want to go "all out" on this, use a Filet Magnon.

Timing, however, can make or break this project. It can become a real frustration for you if preparing this breakfast for several people, especially if they prefer their steak and eggs differently. Here is how I do it.

Start with the potatoes. When they are about half done, throw in the onions and peppers. If they reach your desired crispness before everything else is ready, don't panic. Just leave them in the pan and turn the heat all the way down. They'll be okay there for a while.

Next, I get the bread and the toaster ready to go - but don't start the toast quite yet.

Then I put the steak on the grill. You need only to season it with salt and pepper. If you go for medium or medium rare, you will have about enough time to fry the eggs while the steak is on the grill. Of course, if you are making scrambled eggs instead of over easy or medium, the whole process is much easier, and timing is not as critical.

If the steak gets done before the eggs, don't panic. Just put the steak in the oven and turn it to warm. It will be okay there while you tend to the eggs.

Now you can start the toast.

This should bring everything to completion right about the same time and allow you enough time to put it on the plate and present an attractive, mouthwatering breakfast.



Father’s Day Breakfast
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