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Sirloin Steak Stroganoff

Yields4 ServingsPrep Time30 minsCook Time30 minsTotal Time1 hr

Beef Stroganoff is sometimes made in America using ground beef. That is okay, as that recipe is very tasty and easy to make. But if you really want a good Stroganoff dish, you should use sirloin steak cut into strips or bite-size bites. The Stroganov family in Russia, from whence the recipe is believed to have originated, used sirloin steak, not ground beef.

 1 lb Sirloin steak
 ½ cup Chopped onion
 2 tbsp Butter
 1 Clove garlic
 ½ lb Sliced mushrooms
 1 Can cream of chicken soup
 1 cup Sour cream
 2 cups Egg noodles
 1 tsp Parsley
 1 pinch Saffron
 Salt & pepper to taste

Sauté onions and mushrooms in butter until onions are tender.


Add the beef and fry until brown.


Add garlic, salt and pepper.


Stir in cream of chicken soup and simmer for ten minutes.


Just before serving, stir in the sour cream.


Serve over a bed of noodles and sprinkle some parsley flakes on top.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 4